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Financial Advisory Services


Financial advisory Aservices

Your company can benefit from our wide range of financial advisory services with one-on-one input from highly experienced qualified professionals to ensure that your corporate profitability goal is realized and some of the services to be covered include;


        • We’ll help your company design a workable financial accounting and procedures manual for its  

            financial and treasury operations.


       • We’ll assist your company to set-up the designed financial accounting & procedures manual with    

          continued monthly support until your team can successfully run with it.


        • With our good knowledge of the Nigerian banking industry regulations, we’ll help you review all   

          loan offer letters from Banks and other financial institutions and identify areas of cost savings

          before you sign and accept such offers.


       • In cases of unexpected loan repayment defaults to any financial institution in Nigeria, we’ll advise

         and help in negotiating a convenient loan restructure with the relevant bank or financial institution.


Bank Charges Review and Recovery


Financial advisory Aservices

Has your company taken loans or other borrowed facilities from any Nigerian Bank or financial institution over the last five (5) years and you want to be assured that the applicable charges rates and terms & conditions are the most competitive? You can engage our professional services and we will assist your company to do the following



        • Review the loan offer letters signed by your company and identify terms and conditions given by

          the bank which contradicts the approved guidelines in the Banker tariff.


       • Carry out a detailed test to ascertain if the rate of interest and other fees (management fees,

          processing fees, COT, etc.) stated in the signed offer letters have not been exceeded by the Bank.


        • Ascertain the actual amount of total excess bank charges/fees debited into your company’s bank

          account and send in our report with your Directors’ approval to demand for a refund of all such  

         excess charges.


       • Follow up our report with the Bank and represent your company at all joint bank charges

         reconciliation meeting with the officials of your bank until the identified excess bank charges/fees

         are refunded to your company.

Other Services Include:  
> Financial Accounting and Procedures Manuals
> International Financial Reporting Standards - IFRS Adoption, Training, Tax Implication of Conversion
> Internal Audit Manuals
> Recruitments, Training and Outsourcing
> Due Diligence and Business Valuation
> Corporate Governance



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